Lovely lamps from Hartendief

HartendiefLook how lovely this pendant lampshade is…  I just love having some typical ‘Amsterdam’ toys and decorations in my house now that we live in this special city!  Have you ever been to Amsterdam??  It’s very typical with its canals and canal houses; I don’t think there’s another city quite like it in the world!  The scene you see on this lamp is called ‘Jordaan’, named after the picturesque neighbourhood in the centre of Amsterdam with its narrow streets, small houses and cute bridges.
Hylkia, the creative brain behind ‘Hartendief‘, originally studied fashion design but after the birth of her daughter started creating accessories for children’s rooms, eventually resulting in a series of these wonderful silhouette lamps. They are very stylish in their simplicity — plain when switched off, but when switched on the silver (or gold) silhouette on the inside of the shade creates a magical shadow world on the outside…
If you’re not so much into the Amsterdam theme like I am, there are three more sweet designs to choose from, and in a large selection of colours. You can order these lamps through the Hartendief store, but if your Dutch is not so polished these days you can just email Hylkia with your questions and wishes in English.

xxx Esther


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November 10, 2009

Gorgeous and fun filled pendant lamp.Kids will love it..Thanks for sharing..

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