CouvertureI have always loved the shopping of Notting Hill. Whether it’s the great finds on Portobello, the trendy restaurants on Westbourne Grove, or the great boutiques along Ledbury Road, Notting Hill is one of those areas that has it all. But in the last two years, it has become the place to shop for your trendy tot in need of a fashion fix! I was already thrilled about the arrival of Caramel Baby and Petit Aimé on Ledbury Road, but then I took a stroll down Kensington Park Road a few weeks ago and discovered yet another favorite find: Couverture!

Couverture is the kind of shop that makes you want to run straight home, replace your dingy pillows with new ones, hide all your cheap, plastic toys, make your home a bit more chic and minimal, AND give your wardrobe a re-think!

Couverture Train

You’ll find great women’s fashion, stylish home décor and cool (even vintage) children’s clothing and toys. They stock all the great European kid’s brands like Quincy, Simple Kids, Isabel Marant, Finger in the Nose and Album di Famiglia. You’ll also find unique and beautiful toys, and design pieces for the nursery.

Even if you don’t buy anything, a stroll through this shop (or a browse on-line) will encourage a home/clothing/nursery design Rx, which is never a bad thing…



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March 31, 2008

It looks absolutely wonderful. It’s probably a good thing for my wallet that we didn’t know about this shop yet when I visited London a couple of weeks ago!! 🙂

March 31, 2008

I’m a newcomer and a new addict to this blog – it’s truly fabulous! I love to see some of the things that I already know and love mentioned and to hear all of your advice. Thanks to Courtney, I checked out Petit Amie last week — adorable. Another great store I checked out on the same trip is Honey Jam on Portabello Road. It carries beautiful wooden and other toys and even stocks the Classic Fisher Price chatter phone that Emilie wrote about buying on ebay (although it’s new and not vintage, it’s got the nostalgia factor). I stocked up on the colorful polka dot muffin cups and lots of small gift stuffers for party bags. Another store worth mentioning is Natural Mat on Talbot Road (also has a great website), for nursery furniture and mattresses among other things. They now stock The Netto Collection, which has a gorgeous line of contemporary cots. Unfortunately, when my daughter was born two years no one in the UK carried the line and shipping from the US wasn’t the best option.

P.S. One question for Courtney — where did you get the rubber alphabet stamps? They seem to be variously on display throughout the site, but I haven’t seen a direct mention.

March 31, 2008

How funny– I used to live right around the corner from Natural Mat. I LOVE that store, and I love the Netto Collection. I want all those cots! They also sell the cutest mobiles and organic baby clothes. I should write a post! 🙂

I will have to check out Honey Jam! Sounds great!
Thanks for the tip.

About the stamps… I bought mine (and a pack for Esther) from Impress Rubber Stamps in the States. They have a cute website (with loads of other fun stamps) and they deliver internationally I believe.

March 31, 2008

I love those stamps. You should write a post! 🙂

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