I am a visitor. Do I have to register anywhere?

Entry to our ShopUp events is completely FREE, and there is no need to register. We look forward to seeing you there!

How can I participate in the ShopUp as a vendor?

Participation for shops is limited to members of our shopping portal. If you would like to take part in our ShopUp events, please fill out this form to apply for membership. (Annual membership on our portal costs £300.) Once you are a member, you can sign up for upcoming events through our website.

When can I sign up?

We usually announce registration for each event at least 3 months prior to the event. Please follow our ShopUp Instagram feed for news and announcements.

How do I sign up?

Members can log in to their profile page of our website and visit the ‘Order’ page.  Upcoming ShopUp events will be listed on the second page of the ordering process, listed under ‘Events’. Please select your booth option and continue to the confirmation and payment page.

What is included in the sign-up fee?

For standard booth placements we will provide the wooden house-shaped backdrop, which includes a wooden sign at the top of the house with your shop’s name.  We also provide a trestle table, a white cotton tablecloth and two chairs. The size of the booth is roughly 2 x 2.5 meters (6 x 8 feet). Economy booths don’t have the wooden backdrop and the booth size is roughly half the size of the standard booth. We will provide a wooden sign post with your shop’s name, and a small folding table and chair. (In both cases, you are welcomed to bring in a display rack or additional small display furniture. Please speak with the team if you have questions.)

How many booths do you have available?

It depends on the city and each of our venues, but we usually have enough space for roughly 30 shops. Placements always book up quickly and we sell out prior to every event.  We recommend signing up ASAP to avoid disappointment.

Can I share a booth with another shop?

Unfortunately, we don’t allow booth sharing. If the fee is too high for you at this time, please consider the economy booth option.

I am a blogger or member of the press. How can I get involved?

Thank you for your interest! We would love to collaborate. We often hold special events for bloggers and influencers, and we’re also open to cross-promotion or any ideas you may have. Please get in touch if you would like to work together. You can email us at: [email protected].



Summer holidays! If you follow Esther and Emilie on Instagram, you’ll have seen a few happy photos of their two families together in France! It’s a sweet summertime tradition for them. Being on the opposite side of the world, I will admit it makes me feel extra far away and sad to miss out on these wonderful get-togethers. The kids are all growing up so quickly — I couldn’t believe how tall and grown-up Emilie’s girls have gotten. And speaking of tall — I’m pretty sure Esther now has at least two kids who are taller than I am. Like an old granny would do, I’m pretty sure I’d squeeze their cheeks and tell them all I remember holding them in my arms when they were just one day old!!! Anyway, we’re taking a couple of weeks off from blogging to allow Esther, Emilie and all of our wonderful contributors some time to enjoy a bit of summer holiday family time. We hope you’re doing the same! See you back here in a couple of weeks. Courtney xx @estherbabyccino @emiliebabyccino @courtneyadamo #babyccinokids
3 days ago
Celebrating World Breastfeeding Week with a round up of tips and thoughts on feeding on the go, feeding in public, tandem feeding, weaning, and breastfeeding friendly fashion. See the bio link and posts from three mums who have breastfeed thirteen children over the years : @courtneyadamo @estherbabyccino and @laraoflondon. 🤍 #worldbreastfeedingweek #worldbreastfeedingweek2020 #babyccinokids #babyccinotips
5 days ago
Giveaway closed! Only a few hours left for our @seaestasurf giveaway! Look for our first post a few days back. And look at these cuties @courtneyadamo 🧡 #giveaway #babyccinokids
6 days ago
Summer vibes with @seaestasurf!Look for the a few posts ago and enter our giveaway in the next twenty four hours! #babyccinokids
1 week ago
Fancy an easy-peasy, delicious, light, fudgy chocolate sponge cake? Easy enough to rustle up with a 3-year-old’s help too. It’s gluten-free for starters, vegan, and nut free too. 🤎 You won’t need any fancy kit, the preparation time is around 10 minutes, there’s no whipping, melting, or soaking overnight, and you won’t need to source any wacky ingredients from the health food shop. It’s also a robust enough recipe to work as either cupcakes, a sponge cake, or even a loaf. So visit our new blog post and get baking! @beesbakery #babyccinokids #babyccinoeats
1 week ago
Ready for today’s inspirational book review? It’s an excellent biography of Katherine Johnson who was the genius mathematician who helped make the Apollo 11 landings on the moon possible. Link in bio for Vanessa’s post. You’ll love Counting for Katherine! ⭐️️ #babyccinoreads #babyccinokids @panmacmillan
1 week ago
GIVEAWAY (now closed)!!!🧡 We’ve teamed up with @seaestasurf for a lucky winner to receive a $200 gift card for children’s swimwear. The giveaway is open worldwide. ️ To enter, like this post, then follow both @seaestasurf and @babyccinokids! Tag five friends separately. Giveaway ends midnight GMT on Saturday the 1st of August. Good luck! 🧡 #babyccinokids #babyccinoboutiques This #giveaway is not affiliated with #instagram ️
1 week ago
What are your favourite recipes to make with your little ones? Do you use shortcuts or prefer to do everything from scratch? Please share! And read today’s blog post about cooing with kids by @sydney.piercey #babyccinoeats #babyccinokids
1 week ago
Nutritious and delicious, these muffins are made with sweet potatoes to start the day off right. Vanessa’s family loves these for a slow summer breakfast. @vanessa_wild_flours #babyccinokids #babyccinoeats
1 week ago
COMPETITION now CLOSED. Peace, love and a GIVEAWAY!!! We’ve teamed up with our fabulous #babyccinoboutiques @seaestasurf for a lucky winner to receive a $200 gift card for any of their great swimming, surfing, sandcastle building beach wear. This eco conscious brand comes from the California coast but the competition is open worldwide. ️ To enter, like this post, then follow both @seaestasurf and @babyccinokids! Then chose up to five friends who have good vibes. Tag them each separately. Competition closes midnight GMT on Saturday the 1st of August. Good luck! #babyccinokids This #giveaway is not affiliated with #instagram ️
1 week ago
Here’s a video of our latest ShopUp in East London (shot and edited by our lovely and talented friend Nadine Brandt). It encapsulates the ShopUp atmosphere really, really well, and it makes us so excited for the next one!
2 years ago
Check out our new book! 9 months: A month by month guide to pregnancy for the family to share. PRE-ORDER YOUR COPY HERE: UK: / US: / AUS:
3 years ago
Our beautiful new book, '9 months: A month by month guide to pregnancy' for the family to share, is AVAILABLE NOW! You can order it here: UK: / US: / AUS:
3 years ago
Check out the cool vibes of our Shop Up event in London in December!
3 years ago
Our 2nd live shopping event in Brooklyn was amazing! Great shopping, delicious treats, tons of kids activities and a super cool family photo booth!
3 years ago
Esther shows us her recipe for delicious mint syrup.
3 years ago
Our live shopping event in London at Chelsea Old Town Hall in 2015 was a big success and so much fun.
3 years ago
Here we show you how to harvest rhubarb from the garden, and make it into a delicious compote. If you make oatmeal at the same time, you have made a delicious and nutritious breakfast that your family will love! (Ours do!)
4 years ago
This gym bag is such a fun and easy project, also for beginners this is a nice sewing project. Esther, Emilie and the kids had so much fun going to the market choosing all the supplies. The fabrics from Little Cube are the cutest!
4 years ago
Our first live shopping event in Brooklyn was a great success. We loved seeing the best boutiques under one roof, combined with great food and fun activities...and some dancing! Hope to see everyone this year again on September 18th & 19th at 501 Union, 501 Union Street in Brooklyn.
4 years ago