Trendy yet timeless Dutch design basics for the cool kids
REGION: United Kingdom
XOKiddo is an organic children's fashion label for boys and girls aged 1 to 5. This brand is London-based but full of the hallmarks of Dutch design, thanks to Netherlands-born-and-raised creator Rona. The famous combination of minimalism and practicality, coupled with bold experimentation and quirkiness can be found here in this range of comfortable pieces for happy kids.

There is no fuss and no frill -- designs are perfectly simple and cuts paired back, but there are certainly options for those feeling like making a statement – from solid bright colours and directional cuts to contrasting details. The collection consists of beautiful, unisex, quality year-round basics such as leggings, t-shirts, trousers, jumpsuits and sweater dresses - all contemporary yet timeless and super practical. Each season these basics are complemented with pieces more akin to the experimental and quirky characteristics of Dutch design, but even with these pieces the theme of simplicity continues.

XOKiddo’s collection uses only the best organic fabrics available to ensure everyday comfort and durability. Each item is beautifully tailored and features all the practical touches you might desire – as well as a lot of fun!

“Simple, fun, practical and stylish - you've got to love Dutch design!”