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Eco and ethical minimalist luxury basics and accessories
Vild - House of Little create minimalist luxury basics designed for free spirits from 0 to 6 years old. Made of the most comfortable, natural fabrics and featuring perfect tailoring, these pieces allow little people to be free, in style.

The collection exemplifies Scandinavian design; form and function can be found here in equal measures, creating practical, fuss-free pieces that look simply spot on. There is cool a-plenty, with bodysuits in a stunning colour palette, including neutral as well as rich colours – and including black (which can be just the hardest colour to find!)

Vild bodysuits are slightly longer than average, featuring a slim body shape, straight style leg holes and a neckline snapper placket designed for easy slip-on over the head. They’re made from Oeko-Tex certificated bamboo fabric of the highest quality. A wonder fabric, bamboo is breathable, hypoallergenic, thermo-regulating and incredibly soft.

The responsibly produced collection includes short and long-sleeved bodysuits, t-shirts, beanies and blankets. A touch of elastane ensures each items has a little stretch for extra comfort.

Vild is the creation of creative duo Allison Mitchell and Sofia Sköld. Their goal – to create a single, high-quality garment which functions as THE hardest-working piece in your little one’s wardrobe. A luxury t-shirt that can cope with all that a wild little one can throw at it and then be passed on to a next lucky recipient when outgrown.

Working with non-profit organisations is also of the greatest importance for these ladies. They plan to support many happy and healthy childhoods, including through mothers2mothers, an organisation fighting paediatric AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa.

“Perfect basics (and perfect colours!)”