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100% natural skin and bath products for newborns through to mamas and papas
Tubby Todd is all about good, clean fun for the whole family. This US shop creates delicious bath and skin products with sensitive-skinned babies in mind. Each and every product is made with 100% natural ingredients that are simple and safe and works hard to nourish, hydrate, and gently soothe skin from head to toe.

Tubby Todd bath products are powerful and impressively effective, but they’re gentle enough for even the tiniest newborn. They ensure bath time is a good, clean, fun environment for everyone involved – with all the bubbles but no nasty aftereffects – and that it gets the job done! The range includes everyday lotions, moisturising creams, hair and body wash, bubble bath, soothing ointment, refreshing (body) sprays and more. They can all be used for the whole family but mama deserves a few special treats, with hand cream, nursing salve and belly oil for more specific needs.

Tubby Todd is the creation of mama Andrea Faulkner Williams. Having struggled with dryness and eczema for years, smooth skin always seemed impossibly out of reach for her family. She found it super frustrating spending money on yet another product that wasn’t helpful, clean, or even safe for her little ones. But out of these struggles came the drive and passion to create her clean, plant-based bath products. She spent years developing and testing them in her own home and has since grown Tubby Todd into an entire line of 100% natural products – ones that have worked miracles for her family and that she now offers to yours.

You can find information about every ingredient used on Tubby Todd’s site and they even offer the guarantee of a refund in the unlikely event that your child does have a reaction to a product.

Tubby Todd currently ship to the United States and Canada.

“Ticking all the boxes for lovely bath times!”