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Timeless, ethically made children’s clothes to treasure
Tivoli create beautiful, comfortable children's clothing ethically and sustainably made from organic materials. Their designs are gentle, effortless and clean, allowing children to relax and be children, with plenty of sweet nostalgia and – always - freedom of movement

Styles are timeless. Transcending trends and instead inspired by local stories, these pieces are created to be handed down and on, remaining relevant due to their classic yet modern aesthetics. Sustainability is of utmost importance to this brand who create around the principles of fair production, with an eco-friendly attitude and with exquisite workmanship.

You will find beautiful dresses, shirts, loose-fitting trousers, pinafores, blouses, t-shirts. Simple shapes that can be dressed up or down to suit the occasion and easily combined to take you through colder days and warmer ones. Unfussy designs, complete with beautiful detailing. Colours are rich and inviting, fabrics soft and cosy.

Tivoli’s production processes are respectful of man and the environment. All cotton is produced according to GOTS and IVN best standards. Their clothes are designed, made and dyed locally in Slovenia with a great deal of love and dedication. Traditional elements such as buttons made of Slovenian wood and lace handcrafted in Bohinj add a special local touch. Offcuts are used for accessories and all packaging is made of recycled materials.

Tivoli is the creation of two old friends, Ajda and Sara, who found themselves reunited pushing prams through Ljubljana's Tivoli Park, discussing the beauty and challenges of their new role in life. In this green oasis of peace in the city, memories of the long and carefree days of their own childhoods emerged, along with their idea to create a children’s clothing line worthy of their memories.

“Beautiful colours, perfectly simple shapes and lovely fabrics!”