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Magical wallpapers; mid-century illustration meets 21st century styling
The Jim Flora Collection is the most wonderful selection of wallpapers. These are designs that will be loved by children and parents alike. Each one is simply stunning -- picking a favourite is a huge struggle!

The wallpaper patterns are derived from and inspired by the mischievous, impish art of James "Jim" Flora, best known for his 1940s/50s album covers and for several popular children's books. The designs are playful and unique - Flora loved to ignore the laws of physics, conjuring flying musicians, levitating instruments, and wobbly dimensional perspectives, all with an undeniable sense of glee.

This recent collection mixes Jim’s irresistible mid-20th Century feel with 21st Century modern styling. All inks are 0% VOC, and can be printed on a large variety of eco-friendly papers, including peel-&-stick, removable wall tiles. Pattern, sizes and colours can be customised to fit your decor!

The Jim Flora Collection Blog Posts

Pim's bed, and wonderful Jim Flora wallpaper
Last weekend, my husband and I did something new for both of us: we wallpapered a wall. We learned a lot about measuring, cutting, and patience, and got to deeply respect the skills of professional wallpaperers. But after hard labour I'm proud to present the results: the wall behind Pim's bed is covered in gorgeous blue wallpaper! Pim picked this ...
Jim Flora wonderful wallpaper
Jim Flora  (1914-1998) was a mid-century artist known for his album covers and some fabulous children's books (The Day the Cow Sneezed, for example), and his illustrations are truly wonderful. Recently, a series of wallpaper was brought out in cooperation with Flora's estate, all using the original art and illustrations from his archival music images, paintings and abstract ...