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Perfect packages of darling first essentials for baby
Sweetcase are dedicated to babies first essentials. The creation of mum Murielle Sitruk, Sweetcase makes life easier for parents-to-be with beautiful, pre-packed maternity suitcases containing the ideal, first "trousseau" or layette. The full set contains over 25 carefully selected items for your the first weeks: bed linen, towels, newborn clothing, babygrows, bibs, socks - pretty much everything fabric you can think of - plus the beautiful case. All you have to do is select a colour and print!
You can also opt for a part selection - or buy items individually, safe in the knowledge that they’ve been so selected with the ultimate in quality and comfort in mind. Sweetcases’ own linen designs are beautiful, perfectly delicate. You’ll also find a darling selection of chic but comfy clothing perfect for a first wardrobe, featuring brands such as Kidcase and Bieq.

5 Questions with Murielle from Sweetcase

Sweetcase is a perfect example of a shop that could only have been created by a mum. It all started with a clever concept – to create a perfect maternity suitcase, ready to act as the most stylish hospital bag and filled with first essentials -- all those bits and pieces a baby needs (and ...


Sweetcase - beautiful essentials for newborns (and gorgeous room decor)
The other day I was having a coffee with the lovely Murielle from Sweetcase -- I do love talking to the people we work with and discuss what inspired them to start their businesses! We touched base on how she was inspired to create Sweetcase... Murielle was expecting her second child when she realised that ...
Sweetcase -- baby's first essentials, all in one place
Sweetcase is a most wonderful concept started by mother of two Murielle Sitruk. When Murielle was expecting her second child, and was preparing her hospital bag, she was looking for one place where she could find the most practical and beautiful bedding and clothing for her soon to be born baby. And unsuccessfully so! Thus, ...