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Heirloom quality toys bringing beauty and fun to families and children
Shop Merci Milo is an LA-based online children’s toy shop exclusively offering heirloom quality products. Featuring a gorgeous collection of traditional toys, Merci Milo work with independent brands and artists to bring forth well crafted, high quality toys and accessories for children

You’ll find a wonderful range of items your child will love to play with and you’ll love to look at. From wooden cars to rubber bath toys, wind-up music tins to board games, apron sets to baby rattles, each and every choice is ethically produced and perfectly considered. These are classic options sure to bring years of pleasure before being handed on to the next lucky recipient.

Shop Merci Milo is a small family business with a mission to support local makers and small brands through showcasing handmade unique toys and accessories for children. It was created by mama Caroline, inspired by her daughter Milo, following a trip to Paris where the family stumbled upon several traditional toyshops. They all fell in love with the whimsical vintage and heirloom handmade toys contained within and decided they wanted to start our own toyshop to make this available to other families. And here they are!

“Beautiful choices, each one!”