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Art for everyday life: Unique, heirloom products for the family home
Sessions & Co. collaborate with the most exceptional artists, designers and makers in the UK to make heirlooms for the family home. Designed to appeal to both adults and children, their products are unique art objects for everyday life: décor items we all love to have – cushions, quilts, wall hangings – made to the very highest specifications.

Contemporary yet timeless, Sessions & Co.’s work bridges the worlds of art, design and interiors. Pieces are intended to transcend fads and phases, creating objects that remain relevant and stylish and will never be outgrown. Pieces that move from house to house and to pass through the generations. Designs are inspired by British twentieth century art, architecture, wildlife and landscape.

Items are also created to stand the test of time in terms of use. They are of the highest quality, with every piece designed and made proudly and sustainably in the UK. Sessions & Co. believe in the importance of supporting British industry and handcraftsmanship, in addition to artists.

Sessions & Co. is the creation of an East London-based mother of two. Having enjoyed a career working in contemporary art, when Kate had her first child she too experienced an influx of plastic and throwaway design that would inevitably quickly fall out of favour.

Remembering her own beloved childhood bedroom, Kate recalled beautiful fabrics and patterns that enchanted her, and look equally as good now as then. Designs that are grownup, and yet perfect for a child. Kate was quickly inspired to engage her professional life with her experience of the family home. The result – these beautiful additions for the modern family, to be loved by all and to last.

“I love that this is a true family business, with Kate supported by her husband - and a family business that historically lies in printmaking!”