Elegantly designed toys that promote imaginative play
REGION: United States
Rose & Rex is, simply put, a haven of perfect toys and play resources for children from newborn through to 10 years and beyond. This online boutique is entirely focused on promoting the importance of imaginary and open-ended play, and provides an array of beautiful tools to help in this mission. Rose & Rex offer a teacher-curated collection of sustainably made toys that spark engagement. Stylishly designed, each toy brings heirloom beauty to your home – these are those lovely pieces that you don’t even mind seeing scattered all over the floor - and is set to inspire generations of imaginary play. From building blocks to rubber ducks, craft kits to hand puppets, masks to vehicles, every item has been carefully selected.
Rose & Rex believe that play is an essential tool for helping children foster the key cognitive, physical, social and emotional skills they’ll carry through to adulthood. Also of key importance to this shop is the environment – all toys are made from high-quality, sustainable and toxic free materials – and their commitment to giving back. With every purchase Rose & Rex “Play It Forward”, contributing to like-minded organisations dedicated to doing good for young people and our planet.

“Oh my, the collection of building blocks! I want to get playing with them myself!”


5 Questions with Allie from Rose & Rex

Rose & Rex is full to the brim with the type of toys we love! Beautiful items that bring out the creativity in our children – toys that can be played with in different ways every day, by all ages, for years on end. Almost as much fun as the toys she sells, is founder ...

Rose & Rex Blog Posts

The amazing Rose & Rex toy shop (at the LA ShopUp)!
We met the lovely Allie at our last ShopUp event in Brooklyn, NY and we fell head over heels in love with her beautiful toy shop Rose & Rex. The shop offers the most elegant toys, all carefully selected not only for their heirloom qualities and sustainable, toxic free materials, but mostly to promote imaginative play and encourage the development of skill building, ...