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A family brand of simple, ethical, and nostalgic handknits
Rainer & Bear offer a gorgeous range of handknits inspired by enduring British styles and made with natural fibres. You’ll find the most delightful rompers, bonnets, vests and bloomers made from fibres such as pima cotton and merino wool. These are knitted pieces of dreams, perfect for pairing with chubby legs and knee socks, for layering up and down to take your little one through the seasons and to make the very most of.

What we especially love about this British brand is that it’s the creation of a mother (grandmother) and daughter (mother). Eileen has been knitting for over 50 years. Amazingly enough, she was able to knit and read patterns before starting school -- she would tuck her Mother's needles under her arms in order to work with them!

Eileen has passed her knowledge on to all of her children, with her passion shared by Abigail in particular. Together, the two have created a collection of simple, vintage-inspired baby and toddler patterns, embracing all they love and echoing the styles Eileen’s Mother and Grandmother knitted for their babies.

Each and every Rainer & Bear piece is handknit exclusively using natural yarns. Eileen and Abigail strongly believe that a handmade garment is a precious investment that can be passed on throughout the family, even throughout generations.

P.s. A limited number of exclusive patterns can be purchased and downloaded by fellow knitters!

“What better than a mother and daughter team making such darling pieces!”