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Fun, functional, colourful British footwear for little people
Poco Nido is a British brand offering quality footwear for babies and children. Their shoes are simple and functional yet they’re bursting with character. The bright palette, unique patterns and original graphics make this collection eye catching, refreshing and unique.

Catherine, founder of Poco Nido, is all about quirky designs and anything but the ordinary. Poco Nido don't follow trends – instead they follow their hearts and wherever inspiration takes them. Their love of pattern and symmetry is undeniable -- you’ll see if throughout the range of cleverly thought-through products.

There are ideal options for babies, toddlers and young children covering sizes Eur17 to 26. Mini Shoes offer the perfect combination of barefoot and shoe in colourful suede and cotton for little ones learning to stand and walk. Laser etched Mighty Shoes® are made with soft but durable chrome free leather and super flexi, barefoot friendly, recyclable TPU soles. Perfect for little ones learning to run, jump and take on the world.

“I love the simple and practical Poco Nido collection! The colours are so pretty and the patterns make them look so cool and fun!”


Poco Nido Blog Posts

First walking shoes by Poconido, so perfectly sweet!
Bram is now trotting steadily along, happy with his ability to carry things along with him. (And, consequently,  leaving a mess everywhere!) He's very cute with his penguin like walk and his determined little face, with those chubby cheeks and golden curls :). With walking come the first walking shoes, to protect the feet against ...
Poco Nido Velcro Superhero Shoes
The lovely teachers at Casper's school had been asking me to get him shoes without laces for a while already. They explained to me that when children are able to put on and take off their own shoes their independence and self-confidence grows. It's funny, because in the nursery class of the Dutch school the other children go ...