High quality, sleek, safe, and natural European baby essentials
REGION: United States
Peurobaby is US-based family-owned online boutique offering a carefully selected range of stylish baby essentials. All the products you’ll find here are from exclusive European and European-inspired brands focused on non-toxic
materials and design quality.

From strollers to skin lotion, bibs to wooden toys, cribs and co-sleepers to swaddles, bathrobes, bedding, diaper bags, bottles, dummies, first utensils and more… You’ll find a whole range of practical products, as well as cute clothing and toys at this stylish shop!

What’s so great about Peurobaby is that in collating their collection, they’ve done all the hard work for you. They’ve searched out products meeting the very highest ethical and environmental standards, free of known toxins and carcinogens. If it’s in this shop you know it’s good – and can easily compare the very finest details.

All Peurobaby products are free of BPA, Phthalates, PVC/vinyl, Flame Retardants, Polyurethane Foam and coatings, Formaldehyde, VOCs, lead, are ethically made, and Greenguard, GOTS or Oeko-Tex certified whenever possible.

When founder Marina was shopping for her own baby she noticed that the majority of products offering non-toxic materials and sleek design were available in Europe. Inspired, she intensified her research and PeuroBaby followed. Marina’s shop makes these items easy and available to purchase in the U.S. More than this, it transparently provides product information in a single place families can trust, and facilitates a community for parents to come together to find resources on topics that matter.

“This is such a great collection - healthy choices for those all-important essentials! ”