Well-designed conscious essentials for 0-4s
REGION: Germany
Petit Kolibri is a range of authentic, organic and natural clothing and accessories for babies and toddlers aged 0 to 4. Based in Berlin, this is a line of timeless products pared back to the essentials and void of unnecessary frills. This brand focuses on the fundamentals; good design, directly sourcing quality fibres and manufacturing in mutually beneficial environments. Petit Kolibri recognise that life with a little one is anything but simple – and do their best to help make at least one thing less complicated – these are classic styles you know will be super useful and that your petit will feel great in, and that you can feel good about purchasing, safe in the knowledge they’ve been ethically produced. Made from baby Alpaca, these vests, pants, sweaters, overalls, cardigans, hats, mittens, little booties, are super, super soft. And they are so lovely! Classic designs, in classic colours - greys, creams - these are understated yet special, stylish pieces.
Mama Emilia founded Petit Kolibri with the aim to provide ethical and safe clothing and accessories for children, believing that the products children touch should be in their most pure and untreated state. Their products are borne out of an unyielding commitment to promoting environmental sustainability and conscious business practices in the local communities of Africa and Latin America. All materials are sourced with care and attention, Emilia ensures she maintains only mutually-beneficial and transparent relationships with her suppliers. The final products are brought to life in fair conditions by a collective of artisans in Colombia.
Petit Kolibri see that children are the population of tomorrow. The impact they will have on our planet is influenced by the principles we teach them today. Choosing their products you are not only purchasing a mindfully crafted and safe product, but also supporting ethical trading and a long-term commitment to environmental sustainability.

“Gorgeous pieces in the softest materials - so much to feel good about!”