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Children’s bedding, decor and home accessories you’ll cherish for years to come
Pehr is a gorgeous collection of children's bedding, accessories and décor destined to become family favourites. These are the blankets you reach for first, the hampers and rugs that move from room to room, the swaddles chosen again and again. Designs and colours are sweet yet sophisticated so grow with your child.

Pehr is the creation of childhood friends Jen and Becca. Discovering a void in the market for the designs they wanted in their own homes, they ‘paired’ their skills and started creating their desires – finding the right mix of classic and modern, the subtle balance of fresh yet sophisticated design.

Designed in Canada, Pehr products are responsibly made in India. All of the textiles are hand screen printed and made of natural materials.

“I love how Pehr's collection can be endlessly combined - super useful! ”


Pehr Blog Posts

Petit Pehr: Storage baskets that make rooms look neat
With six people in a house, I am constantly tidying up. There's no end to it! Once I have one room in order, I turn around to see the next in a state of explosion. Totally normal of course, and just the way it should be -- imagine a house with little children living in it ...
Petit Pehr
I recently discovered the new Petit Pehr range of children's products over at Pehr Designs and I love it all! They have a fun collection of canvas storage hampers in a selection of different sizes and sweet designs, and a gorgeous selection of bedding, including quilts and sheets and decorative pillows. They very generously sent me a ...