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A large collection of perfectly picked toys
Norman & Jules is a boutique toyshop offering a huge range of expertly selected, exquisitely designed and responsibly made toys. This is a gem of a shop with options sure to be a success whether the lucky recipient is a baby or an older child. You’ll find a wonderful array of options – wooden toys from blocks to castles to wagons to construction kits, handcrafted dolls, science kits, beautiful dress-up options, arts and crafts supplies, musical instruments (not just toys!), books,.. The list goes on!
Also a bricks and mortar store in Brooklyn, Norman and Jules is the creation of mum and dad team Courtney and Avi. Their goal is to support a healthy and imaginative childhood and they’re committed to providing parents and children with options that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also carefully crafted from sustainable materials. A percentage of Norman & Jules' sales are donated to the charity March of Dimes and they proudly work with local artists to support both community and the development of creative minds.
(Oh, and besides toys, this shop also has a great range of party accessories (how beautiful are those candles!) baby essentials such as gorgeous swaddles and blankets, and children’s décor that nurtures imaginative play. Check it all out!)

“There’s such a wealth of beautiful evergreen toys to be found here!”


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