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Personalised, stylish design posters providing a keepsake celebration of the moment of birth
MrStarskyAmsterdam create the most lovely and special design posters: featuring the sky and stars exactly as they were positioned at the time and location of a baby’s birth. These uniquely personalised posters are super stylish and the perfect addition to any child’s space!

Founders Fennechien en Liesbeth work with a small team of illustrators, designers and artists – talented people who speak a language that encourages children to develop their senses and curiosity. MrStarskyAmsterdam posters are beautifully printed on high-quality paper.

Creating your poster is really easy. Just choose your preferred illustration style, add the name, date, time and place of birth, customise the text and add a personal message as you wish. Choose between 3 standard (easy to frame) sizes and you are good to go!

“Such a beautiful idea. Perfect for a unique birth gift!”