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Beautiful ways to capture and store all of those important family memories
meminio is a UK company focused on helping families record their memories in the most lovely of ways. This company offers a stylish collection of gorgeous cases and books in which to keep and protect memories, both physical and otherwise.

The original meminio product is the classic yet modern children’s Memory Case, perfect for safely storing all matter of important artifacts. Made from luxurious bonded leather lined with a gorgeously nostalgic printed fabric, these beautiful cases come with a memories notebook and attachable memory tags.

For memories that can be kept on paper -- written down, drawn, painted or printed, meminio offer a series of beautiful record books. Their children’s editions provide a series of prompts to help you create that book you dream of.

The creation of two mums, the concept of meminio first struck Marie when she found a vintage suitcase case in her grandmother’s home. She began using it to store her daughter’s precious keepsakes. Her friend Alison, after a life-changing event, had also been thinking about ways to keep and share memories with her children. Together, these two great friends launched meminio, where family - that of now and of the future - is at the centre of everything.

With children covered, these lovely ladies have been able to turn their attentions to the wider family, creating a perfect wedding memory case and journal, a pregnancy journal, and a beautifully simple book in which to note recipes passed down. These are some wonderful gift ideas for very special times!

“I just love the colours and the detailing here; everything is done so beautifully”