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Curated Creativity for Children: Art Projects, quality supplies and inspiring artists delivered to your child’s door, monthly
REGION: United Kingdom
LoLA Boxes are a magical monthly art box for children of all ages, bringing a regular experience of art and artists into their lives through their letterbox. These fun boxes are from Lots of Lovely Art (LoLA), who support children learning about art history, new art techniques and experimenting with a wide range of materials.

Founders, sisters-in-law Alara & Selina, believe that process-based artist-inspired experiences are an important way to develop problem-solving skills, analytical thinking and self-confidence. They aim to reach as many children as possible; and what could be handier for parents than a carefully curated box, regularly delivered to the door?

Each box contains artist-based projects, process-art ideas and a selection of quality materials to enable children to be independently creative at home. Each box has its own art-based theme (for example, Portraits, Colour, Texture) which introduces children to three fantastic artists with related book and trip recommendations.

You can order a single box, or sign up to a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription.

“These boxes are a fantastic way to guarantee a steady source of inspiration for little artists!”


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LOLA Art Boxes are the most wonderful way to introduce creativity in your family. Every month, the talented LOLA (short for Lots of Lovely Art) team assembles everything you need to create three artist-inspired projects, including an introduction to the artist, recommendations on books or artworks to discover and galleries to visit, plus of course ...