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Simple, elegant and timeless one-size-fits-all ponchos
Lallee have created one very clever poncho, ideal for keeping children warm from baby through to 8 years old! Made of super soft, 100% ethically sourced, breathable baby Alpaca, the poncho is beautifully hand finished as well as super cosy. Complete with a detachable hood, buttoned side corners and interchangeable tassels the one same piece is designed to be worn in different ways as your child grows. So smart, not to mention cost-effective!! Babies can be snuggly wrapped up in the poncho from top to toe, with it folded to form the softest cocoon. As your little one gets ready to toddle, the poncho becomes the perfect solution to flailing arms, squirming bodies and speedy legs. Just slip it over the head and button the corners up to keep warm and cosy! As your child grows the poncho becomes a coat-length shawl, one that any fiercely independent character can safely pop on all by themselves. And one that can be layered as needed and quickly removed to help with those inevitable ‘too hot, too cold’ moments. Lallee offer a wide selection of tassel colours so that older children can customise and refresh their poncho, making it (again) their own. It will fit until around 8 years old!
Lallee is the creation of a busy, well-traveled mother of 3, Emily, who has wonderful memories of a grandmother (Aline, or Lally, as Emily called her), a lady who always wore the most beautiful draping woollen shawls. She was timelessly elegant; so graceful dressed in an effortless, comfortable style. A huge inspiration, Emily realised a poncho could be a stylish solution to the (her) everyday trials of motherhood, getting and keeping her little ones perfectly dressed.
Lallee ponchos are proudly handmade by a small team of retired ladies in Bulgaria. A portion of all proceeds are donated to the Lyla Nsouli Foundation, an organization working to find a cure for paediatric brain cancer.

“So very clever! (Why didn't we think of this before?!)”