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Modern, colourful knitwear for stylish fun-loving little ones
Knit Planet is a joyful, colourful place full of modern knitwear for 6 months to 8 years. It’s a planet of chic and comfy knitted style celebrating the pure joy, love and imagination of the sweetest childhood. You’ll find a mixture of apparel, accessories and home lifestyle pieces, all ready to bring a smile to the face -- styles are bright, natural and modern and many are suitable for both boys and girls. Skirts are twirly, tshirts smart but comfy, cardigans classic and the playsuit, so sweet. All are perfect for adventures!

‘Born’ on their son’s second birthday, the collection is the creation of London based parents, Micky and Nikky. They seek to share the versatility and softness of knits, in the shape of well-considered designs and produced with the highest quality materials that are – importantly – easy to take care of! The cotton and merino wool are 100% organic and all styles are machine washable, anti-pilling and pre-shrunk for a worry free purchase!
(Also, how sweet are the illustrations on the site!)

5 Questions with Micky & Nikky from Knit Planet

Family businesses are our very favourite businesses. Knit Planet’s Micky and Nikky are just the sweetest, most positive couple. Partners in business, as well as life, they have a young brand and a young family. That’s a lot, we’re sure you’ll agree! We wanted to know more of their story -- and their secrets to ...

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