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Playclothes made better. Childrenswear strong enough for active kids and gentle on the environment.
Jackalo’s collection of children’s clothing is made for the serious business of play. Their coveralls and trousers are designed to withstand the rough and tumble of carefree fun - in nature’s playground, the city, or indoors. They’re designed to be worn on repeat, and then passed on to a next lucky recipient.

The clothes are strong enough for active kids but super comfortable too. Made from materials such as organic cotton twill (for easy movement) and comfortable canvas (to reinforce those places that get an extra hard time – knees!!), items include clever details such as durable two-direction zips and extra-long legs to allow for growth spurts.

The fact that these items last multiple wearers makes them earth-friendly. But this brand takes it way further – items are ethically made in Portugal from 100% organic cotton, using energy efficient production processes that incorporate recycling and upcycling. Jackalo supports a culture of repair and reuse (find great tips on the site) and offers a ‘trade up’ service whereby customers can receive discounts on purchases when sending in their used garments (which are then sold at discount).

The creation of a mama, maker and long-time environmentalist, Jackalo firmly believe in limiting the impact we have on the Earth for our children. Marianna was always happy to receive hand-me-downs for her kids but found these petered out as her son grew bigger. Trousers just didn’t survive! She realised waste from these trashed clothes adds up – for the earth as well as parents’ wallets. After years of frustration with the options for her boys, Marianna founded Jackalo™ to bring old-fashioned quality to kids clothing.

“I love that this brand covers sustainability full circle - ensuring garments stay in use in every way”