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REGION: United Kingdom
You just can't go wrong at Elias & Grace -- it is a must-visit shop! Each season they offer new cutting edge fashion, the season's hottest looks and top picks from all the best international designer brands. We love the way they mix and match the different brands to create stylish children's looks -- it offers inspiration for every fashion-conscious parent.
We also love their own label, Miller, which offers hip, easy-to-wear pieces for babies, boys and girls. And check out their selection of shoes -- adorable!

“My go-to children's shop in London. Nicky has such an eye for selecting the very best pieces from our favourite brands. ”


Elias & Grace Blog Posts

The new Elias & Grace website!
Have you seen the shiny new Elias & Grace website?! They've given themselves an entirely new look and lots of great new features. You can now narrow down your search by category, gender and by child's size (which is such a handy feature I think). You can shop new arrivals and see different trends (currently stripes ...
Elias & Grace launch their own label, Miller
I just popped into Elias & Grace the other day to buy some winter shoes for the kids and was impressed with not only their new make-over (the shop was  recently redecorated!), but with their beautiful new collection. So many great pieces for the upcoming colder months, many of which are from Miller -- Elias ...
Bensimon Hi Tops from Elias & Grace
I think I have spent the past three months admiring these Bensimon hi-tops at Elias & Grace... and just this week I finally splurged and bought them for my daughter. Don't you just love the blue suede with the purple laces? So fun! There's also a low-top version with green laces which are equally cute. ...
  We gave the kids journals for their birthdays last spring in anticipation of our big journey ahead. I had hoped they would write in them regularly (daily even!) to document the things they see and do each day. The kids were enthusiastic about the idea and they excitedly packed them into their backpacks at the ...