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Mama's hospital bag – pre-packed and upgraded
Duckworth is dedicated to offering thoughtful and stylish solutions for modern mums. Based in NYC, this shop’s unique and standout offering is the Special Delivery BundleBag™, a carefully curated 'Go Bag' filled with luxurious goodies and necessities to help you feel your absolute best during a hospital stay. This shop believes in making things easy (taking a cue from their feathered friends, letting things roll off their backs…) – they’ve thought about just what you might need, and sought out the very best options in each case!

The bundle bags contain the essential items a new mum would want for her hospital stay, upgraded. How perfect is that!! There’s a deluxe version with even more goodness, and a papa bag too! In addition to a fabulous overnight bag you can think pyjamas, robes, nursing bras, cosy socks, luxury lightweight towels. Plus relaxed yet stylish options such as tees and hoodies for ‘going home’, water bottles, toiletries and even nappies. All these items are also available separately, in case you’re looking for a select few luxury additions.

These Bundle Bags make a perfect group gift – ideal for a colleague or a baby shower. How lovely to be able to gift something so wonderful for mama not just baby! These bags – or any of the choices from them – are surely a great way to spoil mama at a time when she especially deserves it!

“I would have LOVED to have had one of these! Total short-cut to feeling as good as you can post-birth!”