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Helping you create a space your child will love and which reflects your taste, style and values
Castles for Rascals is a London-based online boutique specialising in sustainable and ethically made décor and furniture for children. This shop offers pretty much all you could need for your little one’s space, from the biggest pieces to the smallest -- from cots to lighting, curtains to wall stickers, teenage beds to storage to organic bed linen. An extensive collection, yet one that has original pieces, quirky touches and a modern feel running throughout. And one that exclusively includes eco-friendly choices.
Castles for Rascals is the creation of mum Naomi, an interior designer and planet lover. When she had her first child she realised how hard it was to find stylish, unique decorative products for children – let alone ones she could be sure had caused no harm to another person, animal or planet. Naomi knew where to put in the research hours and how to find what she wanted, but when talking to fellow parents she discovered that whilst many of them shared the same concerns and values, few knew where to start looking. The idea for Castles for Rascals was born! A single destination to which parents could turn for environmentally friendly, stylish options designed to last and supported by excellent customer service.