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Clothing for 0-6s made from original artisan textiles
billow + bound is a US-based children's clothing brand that uses beautiful and unique artisan-made textiles to create simple and comfortable clothing for girls and boys up to 6 years.

This creative label works closely with artisans to choose colours and design fabrics in a way that captures tradition while still appealing to a modern aesthetic. Items are made from 100% cotton handcrafted ikat fabrics that use only GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) dyes. Handwoven by master weavers in Central India, fabrics have a greater richness of colour and durability than those woven by machine, and much more besides.

billow + bound are committed to working in this way not just to create the most stunning textiles, but also to ensure ethical production, to sustain livelihoods and to support traditional craft by showcasing and creating a market for the fabrics.

Equally importantly, as fellow mothers founders Hirshini and Erika want their clothes to let kids be kids – so whilst fabrics are exquisite, comfort is key as well as practicality. These clothes are durable and washable! Cuts are comfortably loose – think flowing dresses, twirling skirts, baggy trousers - and versatile – dresses than can be worn as tunics, trousers that can be worn at a variety of lengths.

Having lived throughout the world, Hirshini and Erika are passionate about textiles, about helping ethically made children’s clothing become the norm and about inspiring curiosity and worldliness in little ones. What a great way to do so!

“I absolutely love these fabrics and the perfectly fuss-free designs!”