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Affordable French style for babies, girls and boys up to 14 years
ALICE à PARIS is a French brand offering chic yet affordable clothing and accessories for babies, girls and boys aged 0 – 14 years. Their range is perfectly stylish and perfectly French – simple, smart yet comfortable shapes and lots of pretty fabrics. Think loose-fitting dresses, twirly ballerina skirts, sweet bloomers, pretty blouses, classic button coats, knitted cardigans... Gorgeous! And the boys collection is equally big – with plain merino knits (perfect for wearing with, well, everything!) lots of shirts, classic slim-fitting trousers, checked pyjamas and more. And so much choice for baby too!!
Quintessentially French, this is urban-chic, comfortable, easy-to-wear clothing that can be worn again and again (making it even better value for money!). ALICE à PARIS work with small and exclusive collections launched throughout the year, so you know that you’re getting something unique too. There’s lots of colour to be found here and lots of beautiful patterns: floral, checks, stripes, texture, flashy colours and classic tones... Fabrics are chosen based on love at first sight as well as quality! Speaking of love - each item is designed with the desire to help you enjoy dressing your child(ren) every single day – with their chic yet relaxed style this brand certainly helps make that a reality!

“A perfect example of French style: Simple cuts, high quality materials and lovely, muted colours”