Creative fashion for little adventurers
Spanish brand AIÖ offers a range of beautifully made clothing for girls aged 6 months to 10 years. Exclusively created using natural materials, this collection is full of wonderful cuts, of designs that are perfectly simple yet stunning. There is no fuss, just freedom, beautiful finishing and gorgeous colours.

AIÖ create their designs for “little adventurers” – wishing them the lives full of colour, dreams and happiness the designers value. For living a life in harmony with nature, the countryside and the sea. For a life where children are able to appreciate the little things and embrace adventure. With elastic waist skirts, comfy yet stylish jumpsuits, roomy dresses, big pockets, perfectly weighted sweaters, dungarees – made of high quality cotton, linen and merino wool - each piece offers both comfort and freedom to the wearer.

Creating quality, long-lasting items is of key importance to AIÖ who have the luxury of controlling the entire production process from start to finish, bringing their designs to life in their homeland Spain.

“Beautifully simple pieces! And that suitcase packaging... Surely a perfect gift!”