Elegant, 100% natural fragrances that evolve as you wear them
REGION: Netherlands
Abel make delicious, modern fragrances with a difference. Created using 100% natural ingredients, each of the 5 elegant perfumes in the vita odor collection is suitable for both men and women, and develops as you wear it, creating a unique, evolving scent for each individual.

Rather than overwhelming your natural being with a consistent intensity, the all-natural ingredients used here evolve on your skin, working with your natural body chemistry to create a unique scent - one that will continually change and develop throughout the day. It’s a living fragrance (until it fades away, of course!)

Of course, the vita odor fragrances are also free of chemicals, irritants and all nasties, making them suitable for the most sensitive of skins and for mamas and papas cuddling babes all day (and night!). Abel believe in the power and beauty of scent, and its ability to enrich daily life – and we agree - wearing a beautiful scent can really lift your spirit and your day! Importantly, for Abel, the apparent luxury of a fragrance doesn’t need to have a negative impact on the earth, its inhabitants, or the wearer.

Abel is the creation of Frances, a NZ mama living in Amsterdam. A former winemaker with a love of scent and a holistic philosophy, Frances sought a modern, natural perfume. When she couldn’t find one (anywhere!) and was alerted to the similarities between wine and perfume, she had all the inspiration she needed for a new path to creation.

Frances works together with Isaac, trained in Paris and Milan and based in Sao Paulo, who plays commercial fine fragrance perfumer by day, and Abel Nose by night. For Isaac, working on Abel is a unique opportunity to create standout scents using the best (natural) ingredients in the world. Divine!