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Brilliantly Designed Board Books for Toddlers from Quarto Kids

The excitement of new books never goes away in our home. Whether it is a trip to the library or a new book for a birthday gift, we always get excited for a new book. But I must say quite honestly, that as a mama of three kids, board books don’t often spark joy any longer as they are often formulaic and very, very simple. Not to mention, I thought I had seen all the board books on the market.

Until these genius Happy Yak books published by Quarto Kids arrived at my door. I can truly say that this series of board books really is so clever. Yes, I will also use the word, genius. In Quarto’s words, loveable. I second that.

How do I know? Well, when you can’t pry the book out of your toddler’s hands to get to the playground in time. When you find them reading them in rooms by themselves for twenty minutes. And, when they sit at the top of the stack of bedtime books for over a month! I suppose that’s when you know! Also, it isn’t only the toddler who loves them; the big siblings, who are now six and nine, love flipping through the pages and feeding bananas to the monkey. (Stay with me, you will see!)

Quarto has knocked it out of the park as we’d say in baseball terms. Absolutely great. These are their new preschool imprint, Happy Yak — which creates innovative and tactile baby books and boasts a number of great product partnerships this year with designer brands like Meri Meri and Wee Gallery. 

It doesn’t get better for early readers. In their words:

“Welcome to Happy Yak, a loveable new imprint that publishes preschool board books, playful picture books, and accessible nonfiction for kids ages zero to seven. Our books are bright and accessible, with eye-catching design, contemporary illustration, and engaging, entertaining text. With a focus on the latest trends and a strong seasonal offering, our books are perfect for small children with big personalities.

At Happy Yak, we understand the importance of supporting child development. Each of our preschool series is underpinned by core developmental benefits, from interactive novelty books that aid motor control through to first concepts such as words and numbers. Humorous and uplifting, our picture books make reading a joy that can be rediscovered again and again. And if you’re on the hunt for a book that will fill your child’s head with knowledge while providing endless entertainment, look to our fact-filled, accessible nonfiction offering.”

You can engage with various ones, with flaps, pull tabs, layers, interactive buttons, and more. All of this breaks the traditional relationship with the reader, and really helps to explore noises, ideas, and inspires conversations as these books spark ideas so thoughtfully.

Here are great links straight to the source, but I am sure most independent bookstores will also cary them. Our favourite Happy Yak books are Layer by Layer Sleeping Beauty (great for the older children we also love the Jungle Book layer by layer book), Thank you Little Rabbit, and Five Little Animals. Tip, look at the GBP versus US dollars and order in closest country amount.

This post is sponsored, although it is worth saying we wouldn’t share it unless we truly believed it. As always at Babyccino. ; )



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