Qoya: Wise, wild and free

I recently had the wonderful opportunity to sit down with Dulcie, a Pregnancy, Birth and Postnatal Coach who connects women to their inner joy and innate wisdom through pregnancy, birth and beyond on the rollercoaster ride of Mammahood!

Dulcie is an absolute inspiration and through her website www.joyfulmamma.com she offers a unique and powerful combination of NLP Empowerment Coaching, KG Hypnobirthing, Yoga (Pregnancy & Postnatal) & Qoya, empowering women to feel connected via mind, body and soul as life transitions. You will gain clarity and a deeper understanding of who you are and how to return to joy as your default setting.

Dulcie believes that it is never too late to start, but always too late to wait! She says “The gift of a joyful soul has such a gloriously positive, extensive ripple effect – for you, your family and everyone you meet. My wish is to inspire and enable you to live joyfully, spreading your unique magic.”

Always in search of something new, I asked Dulcie to tell me a little bit more about Qoya, an upbeat mix of yoga and dance which encourages participants to let loose and trust their instincts, here’s what she said…

What is Qoya?

Qoya is a movement system for women based on the idea that through movement we remember. We remember our essence is Wise, Wild and Free. Wise: calling on the wisdom of yoga. Wild: the creative expression in dance. Free: expanding our capacity to enjoy being in our bodies through feminine movement. The practice is designed to move us out of our heads where we spend 95% of our time in analysis and into our bodies – feeling the truth in our bones. Each class gifts you a glorious perspective shift from going through the motions, on autopilot, to instead savouring and honouring this moment, this life as sacred. Feeling like this in class filters into the rest of your life, everything simply feels more aligned as you increasingly listen and trust your instincts.

What makes it so different to other forms of dance/relaxation?

Because there is no way you can do it wrong! If it feels right in your body then you are doing it right. You are encouraged throughout the class to listen to your body, tune into her, following the flow of the teacher but making it uniquely your own so it feels good for you. Qoya encourages a shift from seeking external validation to reclaiming the innate ability to move the way that you want to move.

Also the beautiful combination in class, from the women in circle, sat around a beautiful altar; the choosing of a Goddess Oracle Card to help set your intention for the practice; the meditation, yoga, circling flowing movement, the fun of the simple choreographed dance bringing you together in community and the wonderful free dance at the peak of the class where you dance like no-one is watching!

Do you need any prior experience of yoga or dance?

Not at all. Come as you are with an open heart – the rest will follow and your body will show you the way.

How do you recommend getting started?

Check out www.Qoyalove.com for classes near you or online. You can also dance Qoya every day currently on the LORE programme – Lifestyle of Reverence Everyday. There are often Qoya retreats available across the world – a decision you will not regret!

Thank you so much Dulcie, we can’t wait to try it!



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