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Introduce your children to yoga with this beautiful new book!

My dear friend, Kiki Morriss, has recently launched her book ‘Nurturing Your Family with Yoga‘, and I couldn’t be more excited to share about it here. I have watched and witnessed Kiki take this book from a dream to a reality, and while I knew it would be a beautiful book, I love it even more than I imagined I would. Kiki is a friend from London — our children were in school together, and we were pregnant together, giving birth to our daughters (my Marlow and her Florence) just one week apart. Kiki went to medical school to become a doctor, and then went on to follow her passion of teaching yoga, setting up a yoga studio in Primrose Hill.

In her book, Kiki explains the basics and benefits of doing yoga with your family. She shares practical advice and tips for sharing yoga successfully with your kids, and she offers up an A to Z section of 26 different poses for your children to try. For every pose, she shares instructions, a list of benefits, a visualisation and an affirmation. For some of the poses, there are additional games, breathing exercises, adjustments, reflections and guided meditations. The book is designed for you and your children to open up the book to any page to be inspired, or you can go through the book together and do the poses one by one. Once your kids become familiar with the poses, you can hone in on your favourites and bookmark the pages. It’s really such a wonderful introduction to yoga!

Nurturing Your Family With Yoga‘ is available from online booksellers or directly from Kiki’s website.

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