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Six of Our Favourite Family Books for Easter time

I hope you are all having a wonderful Easter weekend. We’ve been enjoying the long weekend eating plenty of chocolate Easter eggs and having fun in the garden. We spent our evening looking through our spring time books and I thought I’d share some of our favourites with you all based around eggs and lovely little bunnies.

The Country Bunny and The Little Gold Shoes by DuBose Heyward

A nostalgic story about Country Bunny, a small brown rabbit, who dreams of becoming one of the five Easter bunnies. When she grows up she has a husband and twenty-one babies to take care of. Through her determination she shows everyone, including herself, that her lifelong hopes for having a family and having the most important job of all can both come true.

The Good Egg by Jory John

A fun, readaloud story about a very, very good egg who tries so hard to be good that he begins to feel the pressure and starts cracking. It’s time to make a change and once he realises it’s all about balance and self-care he finally accepts those he loves.

Who is in the Egg? by Alexandra Milton

Beautifully illustrated by Kate Greenaway, this nonfiction book is stunning, encouraging young children to guess what creature is growing inside each egg. My eldest still enjoys this book as do I!

An Egg is Quiet by Dianna Aston

Attractive and information, this is a wonderful book to explore as a family. Describing over 50 different types of eggs, this is a fabulous book to encourage other activities such as watercolouring.

The Egg by Britta Teckentrup

Britta Teckentrup has compiled an incredible book about eggs all portrayed through the eyes of an artist. Her studies of songbirds and nests are beautifully composed. We can spend hours just gazing at each illustration in this book. It’s a masterpiece!

The Sun Egg by Elsa Beskew

A true classic about a mysterious egg which has fallen in the woods. An adventurous little story based around the elf herself who finds out what the eggs really is.

I’d love to know your favourite reads for spring time. Please do share them.

Vanessa x


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April 6, 2021

I really enjoyed this post and there are some books I will definitely seek out here. However, as a question of semantics, I feel this should be titled ‘Family Books for Spring Time’. I was really hoping for a recommendation for a book about the Easter story, just as I’ve enjoyed recommendations on here for Ramadan and Diwali.

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