Make Your Own Easter Decorations: ‘Snowflake’ Easter Eggs

Here’s a super simple Easter craft, which results in pretty decorations. My favourite kind of craft! The girls and I made these paper ‘snowflake’ Easter eggs to put in our windows now that the sun is finally shining again! (We’ve had weeks of nonstop pouring rain here on the east coast of Australia, and it was a doozy!) All you need for this craft is some paper and scissors and your kids can make these too.

Here’s how we made them:

  1. Ivy cut out an egg-shape template onto thicker card stock paper. We used that template to cut out egg shapes in the coloured paper. (We used waxed kite paper, because we had it in our craft cupboard, but you can use regular paper too — the thinner, the better.)
  2. You then fold the egg in half, and then half again to quarter.
  3. Start by cutting a shape out of the centre of your egg. Then cut shapes out of the folded sides of the paper. (Be careful not to cut out of the outer edges of the egg! Marlow made this mistake on her first egg, and we quickly learned to cut only along the folds.)
  4. We then folded the egg one more time and cut another shape along that fold. It’s easy with this fold to do a heart or diamond shape.
  5. Unfold your egg and admire the many different shapes! We used clear sticky tape to tape to the windows.

So easy! And now our windows look so pretty and colourful.

Courtney x


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April 4, 2021

Great idea! I wouldn’t have thought of just changing the shape from snowflake to Easter egg. Perfect!

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