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We are big fans of custom photo books in our house. We have a whole stack of photo books we’ve created over the years — the first one is from 2007, the year our second baby was born, and we’ve managed to make one every year since. They are honestly the most treasured things we own, and we look back through our books so often!

I still hadn’t created a 2020 photo book when the team at Rosemood Atelier reached out introducing me to their beautiful books, so it was perfect timing for me to try out their service. And I must say, of all the different services I’ve used, theirs was by far the easiest and most straightforward. It took me less than two hours to create our 2020 photo book. I think that must be a new record!

When it comes to creating photo books, I’ve learned that the easier it is to do, the more likely I’ll do it. For this reason, I’ve always created books with photos, no words, because the task of including text in the book always makes it seem way more challenging. If I keep it simple, with photos only, I know I’m more likely to create them. (This is the tip I always give my friends whenever they comment on our photo books and say things like ‘oh, I wish I did this!’ or ‘it seems like such a daunting task!’.  My advice is to keep it simple and start there.)

For this year’s book, I chose the printed hardcover in the large square size. I then simply went through my iPhone camera roll, selected favourite photos from the past year, and airdropped them to my computer. From there, I uploaded them to the Rosemood site using their super easy photo upload system. I even clicked a button allowing Rosemood to automatically put my photos into the book based on their own template, and the photos went into the book in chronological order, from the start of the year to the end. So easy!

The quality of the photo books is great, the prices are affordable, and the service is super easy to use. What’s not to love?! Rosemood also has a wonderful selection of stationery, notebooks, cards, and other printed photo keepsakes. I’m so happy to have discovered this beautiful brand.

With UK Mother’s Day coming up, this is a perfect time to give your mother (or hint to your husband!), some custom gifts or photo books from Rosemood. You have until the end of this week on the 28th of February to get your specific Mother’s Day orders in on time, and you can use the discount code babyccinomum10 for a 10% discount on photo books, notebooks & prints (valid until March 14th). Let this be the incentive you need to finally print those photo books you’ve been meaning to make.

Courtney x

This post was sponsored by Rosemood, a valued member of our portal and a brand I genuinely love. 


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February 24, 2021

This looks great! So many times, I’ve wanted to create a photo book for our family but have been put off with complicated website and upload systems. I’ll definitely try this company. Thank you Courtney.

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