A slow and simple Christmas (and craft to make with little ones)

cardboard Christmas tree by Sydney Piercey

For me and for many, 2020 has been a year of ‘Slow and Simple’. Our lifestyles and livelihoods were forced to slow down, to adapt or at the very least relocate to our living rooms. And many of us have had to scale back on things and to keep things simple so as to get through. We have had to teach key topics whilst homeschooling, manage meetings and meal plans, and learn to work from home. Like us you may have relocated, or downsided or decluttered.

It’s not been an easiest year, but it has brought a number of important lessons. I know I have revaluated aspects of my life and the things that mean the most. And so, as the year draws to a close, I’m looking forward to celebrating a Christmas and New Year that reflects the slower and simpler direction my life has taken this year.

My family and I will be at home in France, just the four of us, (six if you include the dogs). And whilst we will miss seeing our extended family and our friends, we plan to lean in and enjoy a truly restful festive period together.

We will be swapping the Turkey dinner, for a smaller simpler to manage (winner winner) Chicken dinner. Instead of our usual Christmas carol service, we will have candlelit carols in our garden. And will enjoy wintery walks in the mornings and fireside stories with blankets and hot chocolate in the late afternoons. I’ve been enjoying ‘digital detoxes’ on weekends, and will be continuing this for the rest of December and into the New Year. Switching off for my phone and social media, with the exception of Skype calls to family.

I’m really excited! Winter in my mind, is the time to hunker down and hibernate. Yet the holiday season so often feels busy and chaotic. I do love it – Christmas drinks with my best friends is one of the highlights of my year, but I so often find myself doing so much that I am utterly burned out by Christmas Eve. So if there was ever a year to truly embrace the spirit of Winter, it’s this one.

cosy fireside

And so that’s my plan. What are yours? I’d love to hear how you’ll be spending Christmas and/ or the holiday season this year. Will it look different for you too, or more Christmassy and magical than ever? I hope however you spend it, you find joy and cosiness and calm.

It wouldn’t be a Sydney post without a craft, and so here is a slow and simple one. Use these little cardboard Christmas decorations  as decorations for your tree or your table or your home!

cardboard Christmas decorations

Simply cut out two identical shapes (we opted for trees and circles), and cut one slit through the middle from the top, and one slit (the same length) through the middle from the bottom. Then slide together to make 3D baubles. They can be decorated pre or post assembly by you or your little ones. My girls stuck bits of scrap bubble wrap and tissue paper on ours to make ‘snow capped trees and snowballs!’

Sydney Piercey cardboard christmas decorations

cardboard christmas decorations

We also did some snowy footprints on cardboard and some stars at my eldest’s request too.

cardboard christmas decorations

Wishing you all a safe and happy festive period. See you in the New Year.

Sydney x

P.S Kate shared a slow and simple Christmas craft to make with bits and bobs you likely already have at home here.  And I shared a book that’s been invaluable in helping me slow down and simplify in my home here.


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