Cardboard spa set – make your own for endless fun

I made this cardboard spa set to play with my daughter recently and shared it on Instagram. I received such a wonderful response that I thought I would bring it here to the blog should you too wish to make one for play with your little people!

cardboard spa set

It didn’t take long to make at all, I just used just from scraps of cardboard and a loo roll but is a lovely way to enjoy some imaginative play together, and also small enough to keep in a cardboard or on a shelf for future play occasions.


cardboard spa set Sydney piercey

I made a few things for the nail kit very simply.

For the clippers: two identical sized strips of cardboard, attached with a split pin and the top one bent slightly.

The nail separators: cardboard cut into curves (I used my little ones feet as a guide)!

The nail file: again this is just cut out of cardboard. So simple and yet my two year old loves it, she finds it so hilarious when I ‘file her nails’ with it!

And the nail polish: this is a loo roll which I cut in half lengthways and then cut in half width ways. I rolled in and wrapped tighter, the two loo roll sections and secured with tape. I wrapped a strip of cardboard around one section so as it would slot over the other section and become the ‘nail varnish lid’. In this same section I stuck a straw, with threaded twine in for the brush!

sydney piercey cardboard nail set


An optional feature for your cardboard spa set is a foot spa! The foot spa is again made very simply from a cardboard box, with a strip of cardboard secured in the middle. We added some cardboard ‘settings’ button details too.

cardboard spa set sydney piercey


Why not also make a nail colour chart so that your little one can choose from it? I used food packets from around the house — though you could involve your little one to colour in the chart!

sydney piercey cardboard nail set

My daughter and I had so much fun playing with her cardboard spa set! Would love to hear if you make this too!

Sydney x

P.S  For more creations from things around the house, why not try this Beer box farm, or egg carton paint palette?


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November 25, 2020

Brilliant! Your cardboard creations are always so inspiring.

Sydney in Provence
November 28, 2020

Thank you so much Sarah- so lovely of you to say!

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