Creating a Rosemood custom photo book — documenting our summer travels

Not so long ago I spent an evening on a lagoon beach in Galicia. I was eating sardines straight from the tin with crusty pieces of bread. The last sunny rays of the day were warming my back as I was lazily watching my husband navigate his SUPboard in the shallow waters in front of me, whilst listening to the chitter-chatter of our five children playing in the sand and the sea around me…

Memories like these fill me with intense, grateful happiness.

Rosemood custom photo book

A few days ago, my custom made Rosemood photo book arrived in the mail. A beautiful hardcover book encapturing my favourite memories of the six weeks the seven of us traveled together in our campervan this summer. We discovered the NW coast of Spain, drove down through Galicia and the northern part of Portugal — until we reached Porto, where we started following the Douro river back to Spain.

An amazing trip, with the most gorgeous landscapes, food, towns and culture!

Rosemood custom photo book

On the way back to The Netherlands we visited Emilie in her summer house in the Limousin, and also spent some time in our own house in the Cantal (where Sydney and her family joined us for a few days). It really was a summer full of beauty and love — one to never forget!

Having such a book full of photos of our best memories is really, really special. I’ve never made a custom photo book before, and I must admit that making the book was more time intensive than I anticipated — despite the super easy online design editor Rosemood provides. This of course has everything to do with the millions of photos I took over the summer, combined with my apparent exaggerated perfectionism in the field of photo book making 😉 ! In any case —  the result is ENTIRELY worth all of the work I put in to it.

Rosemood hardcover photo book

Our book is beautifully covered in Italian fabric, embossed with a custom gold foil title and has heavy, high quality paper pages on which my photos really shine. I especially love the full bleed pages — some photos really need that extra big size and it’s so cool to see the exceptional quality of the prints here.

The Rosemood team prides itself to treat each creation as if it were their own, proofreading texts and retouching photos. You can really tell!

Rosemood hardcover photo book

Rosemood custom photo book

I also ordered a few separate photo prints to frame or give away, and those turned out really beautiful too. And now I’m on a roll! I’ve decided to create another Rosemood custom photo book of the 6 week campervan trip we made two years ago, traveling 17 countries and driving all the way to Istanbul. Plus, I’m already thinking about calendars and framed photo prints to give away for Christmas. This is going to be such fun!

And now… I am sitting here at my desk in Amsterdam, with an autumn chill in the air and woollen slippers on my feet. I am listening to the rain and the wind howling outside our windows and the bantering of my five children upstairs. Other memories are being made — and the story continues.

xxx Esther

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