BIG #babyccinoreads: Large format reference books

We have always loved using large sized books, ever since going to a local playgroup and seeing some of our favourite stories in his huge format. Everything felt BIG to my toddlers, but these books are just as big for older kids (read: adults) too! They are just as at home on our children’s shelf as on our coffee table, with design given as much precedence as information.

We appreciate that the super-size allows for attention to detail, attractive illustrations and much concentration. With reference books, our need for specifics is all that more important. We like that reference books provide information on the exact hue of the orange of an Emperor penguin’s beak or which exact countries the River Nile runs through, so it’s easy for children to soak up.

Here are a few of the ones we have and use.

Zoology by Joelle Jolivet

We borrowed this book from a friend for a time and it is absolutely gorgeous. Large pictures, comparison pages, and the most beautiful drawings with care for detail and love for colour makes it an absolute joy. Jolivet is a wonderful illustrator with other large format books such as Almost Everything. Zoology includes over 300 different types of animal and we love it! There is also a mini version too which I am trying to get my hands on. This one is also on this great list of books here.

Maps by Aleksandra and Daniel Mizielinski

This journey takes us around the world ‘without leaving your living room’ and is made up of 52 illustrated maps including fascinating facts on animals, population, terrain and even common names used in different countries. We find this to be more than an ordinary atlas, and is divided into 8 sections plus the Artic and Antarctica with the main countries focused on within these sections. I feel so inspired by its beautiful design and is a perfect starting block for discussions for children of all ages – and makes a great gift too.

Animalium by Jenny Broom

This is one of a series of museum-style curated books looking at the natural world and its curiosities, and has become a bestseller. We spend hours within the exhibition-like pages which are teeming with delicious facts, annotated so specifically it is definitely one for the adults too! There are a whole host of other books in this series including Botanicum, Planetarium and Dinosauarium, plus activity books, by Big Picture Press.

My First World Atlas by Nicollete Green and Johnathan R. Allen

As you can see by the dog ears and taped spine, we have use this book over and over again, as it was a second hand shop treasure that we never tire of. I really like that illustrations are aimed at young eyes but still very life-like and provide enough interest for older ones too, which can help your children’s understanding of the world.

Animal Kingdom Flip Chart

This book was also a second hand find, and is more of a teaching resource than a designed art book. The illustrations are really life-like and set on a white background so are extra clear for us. This one covers different classifications within the animal kingdom such as vertebrates and invertebrates.

I recommend scouring second-hand shops for finds like these – you never know what you might find.

I would really love to know if of any other titles that you enjoy too. Tag #babyccinoreads in your social media pictures of large format books too and don’t forget to share in the comments with us below!

Love and light,
Zainab x


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September 8, 2020

Beautiful books! At what age do kids get interested in these types of books?

September 14, 2020

My children and I also love, and would like to share here with you, Little Europeans, by talented Nicole Lambert.
It’s such a charming book about all European Countries, a journey across Europe, learning words, festivities, typical food, flora and fauna, habits and costumes, songs and even the “popular monsters” who scare children in each country!!. It’s really lovely and so well illustraded from the creator of the famous Triplets. I highly recommend it, at least for the little europeans citizens!

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