From Tiny Seeds: The Amazing Story of How Plants Travel is a fascinating book

From Tiny Seeds… the amazing story of how plants travel by Émilie Vast is a truly beautiful book. This book is visual poetry, combined with fascinating facts. Émilie Vast is a talented author and illustrator. And I personally adore every page so much I could easily frame them to admire the graphic yet gentle patterns and shapes.

This book was given to my seven-year-old as a birthday gift and it has become a fast favourite in our library. You learn so much — about flying, creeping, floating, clinging, bouncing seeds and more. It will definitely spark the curiosity of all ages of brains!

And the illustrations on many pages are shared in a ‘comic book’ layout so you can easily follow along while you watch the process of a seed growing. Illustration and words working hand-in-hand.

This is the perfect book to buy someone for a birthday or special occasion… or just a rainy day! Colourful, inspiring, and educational. It will open up your eyes to the world a bit more and grow the seeds of appreciation for nature.



Another nature book we love is The Wild Journal reviewed by Vanessa. We recommend it to your family too!



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