‘Counting on Katherine’ by Helaine Becker, Illustrated by Dow Phumiruk

Having recently watched the movie, ‘Hidden Figures’ with the girls I was beyond excited to have found, Counting on Katherine. It’s an excellent biography of Katherine Johnson who was the genius mathematician who helped make the Apollo 11 landings on the moon possible. She also helped at a critical stage in the return of Apollo 13.

Katherine always knew she liked maths as a young girl and together with her full support of her family, her dreams and curiosities led her to become a star in her own right despite having to fight racism and sexism during her career.

Both of my girls have adored this book. Helaine Becker has written the story clearly and so informatively and together with Dow Phumiruk’s exciting illustrations it’s a story which sparks such levels of conversations, from equal rights to career opportunities, especially for girls.

A super addition to a child’s library of biographies, Counting on Katherine can be purchased directly from the publisher, Pan Macmillan, here.

Vanessa x


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