The Climate Marches: a new generation takes on the old

Did you follow last week’s climate marches all over the world? It actually made me weepy (and that does not happen very often) seeing kids all over the world stand up for themselves and their future.

Of course they were having fun with their friends, of course they are still having long showers whilst protesting wastage, but they are young, after all, and still growing and learning. I think it is so important to be vocal and take to the streets and learn that it is right to stand up, and I am so proud of all of these kids for doing that. Not all of them will become activists but that is ok. I think that the important thing is the awareness and the passion that seems to be developing in this generation.

My 13-year-old went with about half of her class and felt very grown up and empowered. She is still a kid, and in between the shouting there was giggling and selfies, but I feel like we need to concentrate on the kids turning up, and we should be taking them very seriously.

A lot still needs to be done for climate change… but this little glimmer of hope in between all the terrifying news does make me smile.


Photo from Greta Thunsberg’s Instagram –  Torino, Italy


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