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‘Read to Your Baby Every Day’ edited by Rachel Williams, embroidered by Chloe Giordano

I adore gifting books and when a dear friend recently became a mama I was thrilled to find this beautiful book, Read to you Baby Every Day — a compilation of 30 classic nursery rhymes to read aloud to your baby, each perfectly accompanied by the most stunning embroidered art work. This is a book to keep forever and to pass on through the generations!

Nursery rhymes such as ‘I’m a Little Teapot’, ‘Here we go Round the Mulberry Bush’, ‘Jack and Jill’ and ‘Little Bo Peep’ bring back all the delightful memories I have of singing these to my own girls. In fact, before I wrapped up this book Florence sat for ages reading through the nursery rhymes.

Given that science tells us that babies develop best when spoken to, sung to and read to this is a perfect book to introduce the world of words and pictures to your baby.

Available to order online from Frances Lincoln Children’s Books or from any good bookstore.

Vanessa x


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