First walking shoes by Poconido, so perfectly sweet!

Bram is now trotting steadily along, happy with his ability to carry things along with him. (And, consequently,  leaving a mess everywhere!) He’s very cute with his penguin like walk and his determined little face, with those chubby cheeks and golden curls :).
With walking come the first walking shoes, to protect the feet against sharp objects outside. And Poco Nido has the perfect sweet shoes exactly made for this purpose!

first walking shoes by Poco Nido | Babyccinokids

first walking shoes by Poco Nido | Babyccinokids

The Mighty Shoes come in a size 20 to 26, are made from chrome-free leather with a thin, super flexible sole which protects little baby feet but doesn’t restrict growth and development. There are three styles (a desert boot, a Mary Jane and one with velcro closure) and 4 colours — a plain tan colour and a yellow, blue and red style which are etched with adorable circus, woodland or nautical illustrations!

first walking shoes by Poco Nido | babyccinokids

Bram loves his little shoes, which proves to me that they are comfortable as much as they are practical. Plus, toddler shoes don’t come much cuter than these. Right?

xxx Esther



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