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Dandelion printing, a simple and sweet spring craft project

dandelion kids art project

The first dandelions have turned into seed buds so walks in the park have become even more fun. Blowing those fluffy pompons is so fulfilling — even I can’t resist the contentment of baring a nice, fat and full blowball!

Yesterday we decided to try and create our own dandelions, using simple kitchen utensils like our dish brush and a fork. Fun!

First the children used watercolours to create the background field — green for the gras and blue for the sky. With gouache, they painted the dandelion stem and the leaves (we picked some leaves earlier in the park so we could see what they look like).

dandelion printing
dandelion printing
dandelion printing
dandelion printing

Then, we dipped our dishwashing brush in white gouache and created the puffballs. For the flowers we used a fork. So easy but we loved the result!

dandelion printing

Casper added some insects which I thought was a nice idea. And voila! Done! Such a simple craft project, but don’t you think the results are so pretty?

xxx Esther


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