Pompom flowers — a pop of colour in your house!

Ava decided to make pompoms the other day and before long she (and Pim, who joined the fun) had made a bowl full of them. Pompoms are so easy and fun to make! We were expecting dinner guests that evening, and I had no fresh flowers for the table so I asked them to create pompom flowers. They ended up being so cute!

Pompom flowers

Making pompom flowers really is so simple that writing a how-to feels silly. If you know how to make pompoms, you’re basically set. (If you need a reminder, you can check out this post here.) We glued the pompoms to the pointy side of a skewer using hot glue. To give the pompom flowers different heights, we cut off a part of some of the skewers with a hand pruner.

And voila! Done. So pretty! I now have them in the windowsill where they are adding a pop of colour to an otherwise grey day.

xxx Esther


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