Bright & Merry — Holiday Cards which only take seconds to make!

Cute Christmas cards that take seconds to make and seconds to dry: that is surely a crafting win! After all, factory assembly line crafting is rarely fun for kiddos! So mass-producing handmade cards has to be super simple, and super quick. And don’t you love the bright colours in our string of Christmas lights? They are so colourful and cheery.

We made 30 cards in two shifts, (we had a breakfast intermission for those bed-head children in between), and no one got tired or bored. This works with any ages too, so read away. First, the success of all (quick) projects is preparation. Here’s what you’ll need:

Materials :

  • blank cards, white are probably best, I used these
  • metallic pens (my friend gifted these to me and I love them! they make everything instantly more festive) OR use a beautiful pen or marker that you love
  • ink stamp pad (ours was a disaster of mixed colours, but it didn’t matter)
  • clean fingers and wipes or a wet tea towel is helpful for keeping things less messy (in your home)

To make :

  1. For younger children, draw the doodle… a curly line with a few boxes and lines inside of them to create a strand for the lightbulbs. My five-year old daughter did her strands, and they are super cute too!
  2. Choose one finger for each colour of ink. That becomes ‘the finger’ i.e. the index finger is red, the middle finger is green, etc… and stamp the lightbulb into place
  3. Write the message of your choice! Inside our cards we wrote ‘Have a bright & merry Christmas!, etc
  4. See, seconds to make, seconds to dry, and still fun to do since each one takes on its own personality! Even smudges are cute, they add character.

I was inspired by the lovely PaperBirds from the 2017 ShopUp, who did a similar card! So, thank you Barbara!

Enjoy your last-minute or very quick crafting session!

Lara x


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December 19, 2018

This was perfect for making preschool teacher Xmas cards with my nearly 4 year old. Thank you! They turned out so cute and only took us a few minutes to make.

Lara in London
December 20, 2018

That’s wonderful to hear! So happy you and your child enjoyed this…I am sure the teacher’s will love them too. Happy Holidays! x

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