Escaping Bedtime — a fun pyjama party shoot with friends

Isn’t it great when you get to meet new and talented friends through your children’s school friends? And then you get along so well that you begin to hatch a plan to work together? Lucky for me, the amazing photographer, Caroline Irby, who has travelled the globe working with both charities and children’s fashion brands, is one of those friends! She has such an incredible eye, and we decided to work on a little shoot together for a brand we love.

Nights by Wilder is one of our lovely Babyccino Boutiques, owned by mum of two, Lizzie. We all came together after school one autumnal day to let the kids play, like it was a real pyjama party, while we worked our magic as Photographer (Caroline), Fashion Designer (Lizzie), and Art Director, (me).

Taking photographs of and with your own children is always a mixture of luck and charming coercion! The real beauty is letting things just happen, and having fun, which is really when the best things happen! And it isn’t hard to convince children to wear comfy and stylish pajamas either.

We all fell in love with the classic, timeless, yet relaxed prints and details of these pajamas! How sweet are our eldest daughters in these? And what were they really chatting about as they whispered away behind those leaves… one will never know. 🙂

Caroline Irby is clearly a pro with capturing the magic of the moment.  Other great tips for photoshoots and how to get natural but beautiful photos with children can be read here too.

Lara. x

ps — You may notice some of our other favourite brands making an appearance too. A true independent Babyccino boutiques shoot. See socks from Mama Owl, bonnets from Rainer and Bear, hats from Caramel, and grey plimsols from La Cineta! We love our favourite brands.


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Courtney in Australia
December 11, 2018

These photos are so cute!! What adorable faces (and PJs too, of course!). x

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